Can we CHANGE the WORLD?

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

I believe we can. Ever since I was a little girl I have dreamed of ways to change the world, I thought that when I grew up I would be out fighting climate change, saving the rainforest or cleaning up the ocean. As I got older the severity of the situation became more clear and my efforts seemed in vain. How could just one person ever make a significant impact? I lost all sense of hope and found myself in a very dark place. Little did I know this darkness would lead me to find the solution.


I was depressed, alone, addicted to drugs and stripping for a living. I had given up on humanity and my will to live. Like I said, a VERY dark place. It got worse before it got better. For many of us it is in our greatest challenges that our GREATNESS is found, it was in these very challenges that I finally figured out how we can change the world!

When I hit rock bottom it was pitch black. My clinical diagnosis was severe and debilitating fibromyalgia and it presented in my life as widespread chronic pain, fatigue, migraines, brain fog and memory loss. It was so "severe and debilitating" that I couldn't get out of bed, I couldn't work, I couldn't play with my son. He was the only reason I had held on for so long, and he was the reason I decided to get back up and FIGHT!

I had to fight with myself, for myself. I had to face all of the circumstances I had been dealt, the choices I had made and the consequences they had on my life. It took me many, many years. I had to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and back through multiple generations and lifetimes But it was on this healing journey that I discovered the answers I had been searching for.

My journey began with yoga and meditation, shortly after I realize the profound benefits of these practices I became a certified instructor. From there I tried everything from Acupuncture to Ayahuasca and began to understand the importance of the body, mind, spirit connection. My body was failing me and my spirit was broken because my mind was consumed with fear. So I learned how to change my mind.


With my background in Yoga and Meditation it was a natural transition for me when I decided to become a Hypnotherapist. I had been practicing and teaching the ancient technique YOGA NIDRA for over ten years never knowing that it was the birth place of Hypnosis. I was amazed with the level of transformation that I achieved using hypnotic techniques and I wondered why more people weren't using them.

If you've ever read the book The Alchemist you will appreciate how my journey brought me right back to where I started. As I learned more about hypnosis and how it works I realized that, whether we want to admit it or not, we are all being hypnotized. All the time! I saw how all the childhood concerns I had about the World are the effects of mass consumption and the driving force of this consumption is FEAR. That fear is being systematically programed into us from birth using hypnosis.

I saw how that fear impacted my life. I started out with so much confidence and hope but slowly, over time I started to feel like I wasn't enough and there was nothing I could do that would make a difference. In my desperation to survive and fit in, I abandoned my ideals and literally sold my body and my soul to make enough money to maintain the status quo. My choices almost killed me, but without those circumstances I would have never figured out that the only way to change the world is to change yourself.

Changing yourself is a complex and complicated process, and it takes time. Maybe even many lifetimes. My journey is far from over, but I have seen so much progress that I know the juice is worth the squeeze. And trust me you will be squeezed! It took years of trial and error before I started to see results, but I learned a valuable lesson. It's easier to replace something than it is to try to remove it. Using hypnosis I have replaced bad habits, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, I trained myself to replace Fear with Love and I have seen the impact ripple out into the world around me.

Changing the World is no different, it is going to take many generations of people who are brave enough to be squeezed. People who are strong enough to fight with the world, for the world! But this fight isn't physical, it's mental, and the battle ground is inside our own minds. Right now the majority of the world is convinced that they aren't good enough and there's nothing they can do to make a difference, but the truth is YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. You can choose to replace those fear based thoughts with ones that are hopeful and confident, you can take control of your bad habits and limiting beliefs so that you can live a life of meaning and purpose.

And when everyone in the whole world decides to change themselves, then the world will change!

I decided to change my self and I can already see the effect it is having on the world. I have rediscovered the passion I had as a child and I am living my true purpose making a real impact in peoples lives. If you would like to learn more about how to change you life by replacing fear with love check out my FREE past life regressions, private sessions, coaching and, coming soon.... self hypnosis course.

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