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Reclaim Your Power

You already know that your thoughts are creating your reality, and yet no matter how hard you try you can't seem to achieve the results you desire. You understand the concept, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life...

But where do these thoughts come from, why do they keep repeating the same things, and how do you change them when they are so deeply connected to the way you feel?

I have designed this six week Self Hypnosis group training program to help you reclaim the power of your emotions and direct your thoughts towards your goals so that you can create your reality with confidence and ease. In this training you will learn everything you need to know about what self hypnosis is, how it works and why you haven't been able to achieve lasting results before now. You will design your own self hypnosis script and have the accountability and support of our community throughout the entire process. 

This 8 week training includes:

Module One

~4 Weekly Group Training Calls

​~Recorded Group Hypnosis Sessions

~Completed Individual Self Hypnosis      Script

~Community Connection and Support

Module Two

~2 Bi-weekly Group Coaching Success Calls  

~Community Connection and Support

~1 Private Hypnotherapy Session ($222 VALUE)

~Lifetime Knowledge of How to Use Self Hypnosis!!

Next Session Starts April 6, 2023

Investment $555

(limited spaces available)

Book a Complimentary Discovery Call to learn more!

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