I know how hard it is to know who we really are and what our true purpose is in this life. We have been influenced since birth to achieve societies definition of success, this programing keeps us trapped in lives that feel meaningless and unfulfilled.
It is my mission to teach you how to free yourself from the programing by accessing, understanding and changing your subconscious mind. All of my Hypnotherapy Services have been designed to help you reprogram your mind so that you can actualize your greatest potential.




Hypnotize Tulum was founded in 2019 shortly after I decided to leave the country and start a business during a worldwide pandemic. I quit my job, packed all of my belongings into storage, and moved to Tulum Mexico to escape the madness and create the life of my dreams. 

While living in Tulum I worked with hundreds of clients who had the courage to leave their old lives behind seeking deeper meaning and purpose. 

I began to see a common theme, they were unsatisfied with the World and how it's being currently operating, and they were willing to do something about it.  

I believe that we all feel some unsettling feeling that the life we're living is not the one we chose. Most people are afraid that there is nothing we can do about it, that fear has been programmed into our minds from a very young age. Even the brave warriors I met in Tulum struggled with deeply rooted fears that were still blocking them from accessing their full potential. It's a constant battle, one I often experience myself. 

Choosing to face our fears so that we can actualize the greatest version of ourselves can be complicated and challenging work. Now, more than ever the world needs people who are willing to do this work. The only way to change the world is to change ourselves, when we change ourselves we give others permission, inspiration, and guidance on how to do the same.

Working in Tulum I was able to learn many different techniques and tools that helped people make significant lifestyle changes and I felt so blessed to share in my client's successful transformations. I decided to expand my offerings so that I could help even more people achieve these results. I offer free past life regressions, individual sessions, coaching packages, and a self-hypnosis course, all designed to help you face your fears and live your best life!

Now I also provide all of these services online so that I can share this amazing practice with anyone, no matter where they are. This allows me the freedom to live MY best life exploring the world and finding the perfect land to build a community and a HOME for those looking for healing and guidance. Stay connected to follow my journey and see firsthand how easy it is to live FREE.


Conscious Rights Activist

My mother has always said "If the world was a river, Amber makes her own stream." I have spent my entire life rebelling against the system. From a very young age I felt that there was something inherently wrong with the world, I didn't understand why people placed so much value on having money and things at the expense of their health and sanity. I believe there is a different way to live, and I am determined to prove it. I've never kept a regular job, been married, owned a home, or had any credit card debt. I just sold my car and most of my possessions and yet I live an extraordinary life! I spend my time pursuing my passions and purpose, traveling, practicing self care and having fun, I wake up everyday and I get to decide how I want to feel and what I want to do. 

Extraordinary doesn't mean easy, its taken a lot of hard work and sacrifice to get here. I have had to learn creative ways to resit the internal and external pressure to conform and accept being rejected or misunderstood for the way I choose to live my life. For a while I even questioned my own sanity, wondering "why I can't just be like everyone else?" In truth there is there shouldn't be anything extra-ordinary about my life, what I want is simple and quite ordinary. I want the freedom to be able to choose what I think and how I feel and decide for myself how I want to live my life. 

Deep down so does everyone else! I see more and more people "waking up" and realizing that they are unhappy with their lives, but don't know what to do about it. I have spent the last fifteen years seeking out the most effective ways to make profound and lasting changes and it is my mission to teach others how to do the same. I believe it is both our right and our responsibility to demand conscious sovereignty and free ourselves from mental slavery thats why I have dedicatd my life to being a Conscious Rights Activist. I hope you'll join me.