Journey of the Soul

Finding your way back home


Experience Yourself

Hypnotic Journeys

Emotional Integration

Just as the mind communicates with thoughts and the body communicates with sensations, the soul communicates through the emotions. Learn how to trust your spiritual GPS so that you can move through life with confidence and ease, knowing that you are always on the right path.

Past Life Regression

Your soul has always been and will always be. Experiencing other lives gives you access to your soul's knowledge about your current life purpose, karma and lessons you are meant to learn. Understanding your past helps you remember who you are and what you came here to do.

Dream Interpretation

Dreams are messages from your soul and allow you to access the wisdom of your higher self that is always guiding you back to your true purpose in this life. Interpreting these messages helps you understand and integrate the profound guidance and support that is always available to you.


What you are seeking, is seeking you...

Have you ever wondered who you are, why you're here or what the meaning of life is? Do you ever feel as though there is a place you'd like to go "home" to that you've never been before, or that there is more to this life than what you're experiencing? What if I told you that all of the answers you're seeking are inside of you? Hi, my name is Amber and I have spent my life searching for answers, I have tried everything from Acupuncture to Ayahuasca trying to unlock these mysteries of life only to be guided back inside myself, to my soul. The Soul's wisdom is ancient and connected to the source of everything, when you're ready your soul is there waiting to welcome you home.


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