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I very grateful for coming into contact with Amber through a friend’s recommendation. She was very informative and friendly during our introduction call and I was excited to book a session with her. She’s very clear and thorough on setting the stage for the session and makes sure you are at ease with any questions you have being answered. Beyond the depth of her work, her delivery and guidance is key. Her soothing voice, tonality, patience and gentle penetrating presence instantly puts you at ease and makes you feel safe and at home. A winning and golden combination for the depth of journeying she guides you on. At no time do you feel rushed with her, as she is very generous with the time and energy spent guiding you. I was really impressed! Beyond that she’s is just a super pleasant human being to interact with which makes the session or any interaction with her that more valuable. I am super happy to have done my first past life regression with her and and wouldn’t hesitate at all having another session when I feel it’s time. She’s the real deal and I’m happy to know her and where to find her.

Shaun Rabah, Visionary Artist

I had a brilliant, loving experience for my first time trying hypnotherapy! Amber made me feel comfortable and thoroughly safe throughout the process. It was very enjoyable! I have also been working with an online talk therapist during the pandemic, and I told my therapist about my hypnotherapy session with Amber; she was super impressed! My talk therapy therapist has a background in EDMR and said if she got the results Amber got from just one session, she'd be jumping up and down with joy. One session with Amber ended recurring nightmares I have had since childhood that were reignited when I began writing my memoir. I look forward to continuing with Amber on a quarterly basis as I dive deeper into childhood memories in the process of writing my memoir.

Susan Quinn, Tech CEO and Author

I had never done hypnosis before my sessions with Amber but I was very open to it. It definitely exceeded my expectations in terms of how deep we were able to go into the topics I needed to cover. I had some specific areas I wanted to work on and Amber managed to help me unravel these difficult issues and see a clearer perspective of these problems – guiding me to find the solutions within myself.

I experienced more significant results after just one session of Hypnotherapy with Amber than I had with ten prior traditional therapy sessions I had had! Amber is very professional, always followed up on her sessions and was available for any questions I had. I would highly recommend her!

Laurane Chemenda, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

I have seen Amber for hypnosis treatments on two different occasions, in times of exploration and trauma relief. The first time I went to her, I was experiencing very strong spiritual connections within myself and those around me and needed to explore them. She walked me through a state of hypnosis where I was able to understand what I was seeing and feeling at a subconscious and metaphysical state. She provided me with tools in the process that would help ground me when I would experience intense connections at a spiritual level. 

The second time I came to her was during my second year of Graduate School. I was beginning my practicum hours at an elementary school and began experiencing severe panic attacks. Ones that would make the room feel like it was spinning, so much so, I would often have to grab a chair to balance myself. I knew that somehow; I was being triggered while working at the school from past childhood trauma. While in the hypnotic state, she walked me through different childhood memories and experiences that could be triggering these panic attacks. On completion of the hypnosis, I was a bit skeptical, however, as the weeks went on, I realised that I had not one panic attack. I was shocked! 

I had been experiencing these attacks at least once a day. After my last session with Amber, I average about one panic attack every three weeks. It has truly been life changing. The attacks were affecting my life and I am relieved to say, they no longer are. I give all my gratitude, credit, and respect to Amber for having helped me in so many ways. Hypnotherapy has now become part of my therapy and mental/self-health treatment plan.

Nicole Doane, Therapist

I began a very difficult journey four years ago. I was making some major life changes, mostly physically. I lost over 50 pounds and was beginning to feel a lot better about myself and my life, then I had a major set-back. I pushed myself too hard, too fast and ended up causing myself a major injury. This injury ended up being the gateway that helped me begin to heal not only my body, but my mind. I found yoga and I began practicing under Ambers compassionate guidance. From the beginning I couldn't get enough, being able to tap into my body, mind and soul during the deep yin classes was an amazing experience for me.  

I was still ailing from my physical injury and so I decided to see Amber for massage therapy as well, this lead to an opening in me physically, emotionally and mentally. She intuitively worked on my problem areas helping me to find tremendous relief. Our massage sessions eventually incorporated and then developed into Hypnotherapy as I have been a client of Ambers throughout her training. It was very surreal how she was able to help me begin yet another transition. This time to help heal and rebuild my heart sanctuary, which had crumbled under some past trauma.  

We have had two additional sessions since then, one Hypnotic Dream Work and one Regression working on releasing fear and overcoming patterns. Overall, Amber is an amazing soul; open, honest, and caring. She has helped me grow into a better man, person and friend by helping me relieve all of the pain and suffering I had been experiencing. I highly recommend her for her multitude of services; yoga, massage, hypnotherapy… especially in combination!

Gary Mortle, Sr. Network Engineer

I have had multiple sessions with Amber and they have all been profound and uniquely healing experiences. Her hypnosis technique guides me deeply into the trance state that allows my internal voice to speak. She facilitates this healing process so well and I never feel rushed or judged, pushed or influenced. It's like she is holding a protective and comforting bubble around my experience so that I can go deep and find the answers and guidance I am seeking. I am so grateful to Amber and I recommend her to anyone who is on their own unique healing journey.

Grace Alexander

Hypnotherapy and past life regression was something I had some curiosity towards after having read the book Many Lives Many Masters. I stumbled into Amber's group past life regression class while visiting Tulum and decided I wanted to dive deeper with a private session. I was extremely shocked by what was uncovered in such a short amount of time. And while it was powerful, it was also very peaceful and beautiful. As a yoga therapist, I'm quite familiar with having profound physical, mental/emotional, energetic, and spiritual experiences. The sessions with Amber have been so insightful - I'm now seeing life from a much broader perspective and it has had a really meaningful impact in my relationships with loved ones, my clients, and especially with myself. The practice is powerful but I would definitely attribute a lot of the appreciation to how Amber skillfully guides the session. Her spirit is loving, grounding, and authentic.

May C. Yoga Therapist

I approached my session with Amber with a particular subject in mind that I wanted to explore on a deeper level; it had been an issue for nearly all my life and by the tine I met Amber I was open to anything. Amber guided me with her voice and pretty quickly images and scenarios from a past life arrived. I experienced a strong set of feelings and Amber guided me in to exploring them until we reached a healing and reconciliation for my current self with past events that happened before I was born. The session definitely shifted something wedged in my being, the particular issue evolved and I would definitely return for more sessions with Amber; what we unearthed was really useful and quite surprising! I felt "awake" during the entire session, it was just a deeper, calmer state where some very clear images and feelings came to the forefront.

Sarah Brown, Raw Food Chef

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Are you someone that has BIG goals and dreams for the future? Do you often find yourself thinking about or planning ways to make the World a better place? 

If so then YOU are a Visionary!

Now, more than ever the World needs leaders, innovators, healers, artists, mystics... VISIONARIES that have the imagination and wisdom that creates solutions to the many challenges humanity is currently facing. The problem is that while you know you have unique gifts to share, you just can't seem to get out of your own way. Do you find yourself struggling with lack of confidence, low self esteem, fear, doubts, anxiety, depression? The list goes on...

You're not alone and despite how it feels there is nothing wrong with you.

This is something that ALL visionaries experience on their journey of bringing their new creations and ideas into the World.

The good news is that it can be resolved quickly with the right guidance and support. All of these blocks are stored at the level of the subconscious and have valuable messages to help you evolve into the person who has the courage, confidence and clarity needed to make an IMPACT in the World. I will help you access the subconscious so that you can explore and resolve the memories, emotions, sensations and beliefs that are holding you back. Schedule your complimentary discovery today to discuss your specific needs and answer any questions you may have and feel free to take a look around to learn more about who I am and what I do.

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STOP Self Sabotage!!

Free Three Day Challenge 

March 27-29th 2023

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I believe that together, we can change the world!

Hi, my name is Amber. I help inspired people who are trapped in cycles of negative thoughts and destructive behaviours BREAK FREE of their self imposed limitations so that they can reclaim their confidence and share their extraordinary gifts with the world.

I have cultivated a unique approach that integrates the effectiveness of hypnosis, the compassion of therapy and the accuracy of coaching to deliver quick, effective and lasting results. 

I have been practicing Hypnotherapy since 2019 and founded Hypnotize Tulum shortly after relocating to Tulum, Mx. during the pandemic. I have since worked with hundreds of clients helping them transform their lives and the World around them, but my personal journey started long before that!

I spent years of my life trapped in vicious cycles of abuse, addiction and chronic illness. I knew I had a powerful purpose in the World but I couldn't imagine myself ever being "good enough" to make a difference. Along the way I tried every healing modality I could find from Acupuncture to Ayahuasca, I taught yoga and meditation for over ten years, but it wasn't until I discovered the profound transformation that Hypnotherapy offers that I started taking back control of my life. 

Now I am living the life of my dreams, helping to heal humanity and support other Visionaries so that together we can change the world!

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